Tire pressure monitoring increases tire life and saves fuel

Purchasing new tires is a costly item for any fleet, as one tire for a heavy truck costs from 500 euros and more. And a tractor-trailer may have 12 or more wheels. TYREMAN GROUP has been developing tire saving technologies for 15 years. Pressure and temperature sensors are installed on each wheel, and a monitor is placed in the driver's cab.
Nikita Lomagin, TYREMAN Group expert: "If something happens to a tire: the pressure drops or the temperature rises, the driver is immediately notified on the display. This will allow him to save the tire in case of damage at an early stage. He won't get into an accident. Will not go off the road. He will avoid having to dismantle and reinstall the wheel, which is especially important in winter."
Pressure drops monitoring system
The TYREMAN system benefits both drivers and fleet management. Thus, having detected wheel damage at the initial stage, the driver will be able to protect himself from an accident by preventing the tire from complete destruction, and after the tire repair, the car will be back on the road with minimal downtime. For the business owner, the tire saving system provides several advantages at once, such as: reduction of expenses for chassis repair, reduction of unscheduled downtime, increase of tire service life, fuel saving with optimal tire pressure.
Alexander Namestnikov, Head of technical control department of Bulk cargo transportation company: "It's gotten to the point now where drivers don't want to get into a vehicle that doesn't have a tire monitoring system. All of these things start to pay off when a driver has a problem. As soon as a sensor goes off while driving, he stops and sees the problem, he realizes that he has just saved a wheel and saved 20-30 thousand rubles. This is the best motivation for drivers.
Anton Surushkin, Commercial director of Tosnensky feed mill: "We started using the TYREMAN system in the summer of 2020. We equipped this car. All 12 wheels. And in that time we have saved three wheels."
Montrans online integration
Integration of TYREMAN solution with the cloud-based transportation monitoring platform Montrans Online allows to control parameters not only for the driver, but also for the dispatcher of the enterprise and the business owner.
Sergei Kulakov, Commercial director of MONTRANS Group of companies: "The parameter "tire pressure" is in our lineup and allows the client to approach the issue of savings in a comprehensive way. We come to the customer not only with our own solutions, but also with the solutions of our partners. These are tire pressure professionals. We engage them and provide the client with a complete solution based on our Montrans Online monitoring."
Telematics on wheels is in demand for long-distance transport and for quarry machines, which often have side cuts on their tires. According to TYREMAN GROUP specialists, if tire pressure and temperature are constantly monitored, tire life is increased by up to 50%. For example, the mileage of wheels can reach up to 450 thousand kilometers. And according to Michelin's calculations, with optimal tire pressure, fuel consumption can be reduced by 5%. Depending on the number of vehicles in the fleet, fuel and lubricants savings at the enterprise will amount to hundreds of thousands or even millions of rubles per year.