MONTRANS Group of Companies at Uzbekistan Energy Week

Today Tashkent is hosting the key event in the fuel and energy sector for the countries of Central Asia and the Caspian Sea. More than 450 companies from 29 countries are presenting their achievements and developments. A number of countries are participating in the national pavilion format: Indonesia, the Republic of Korea and Turkey, while companies from Italy and Russia will present collective stands.
The exhibitors present advanced developments and solutions in the field of oil and gas and power equipment, as well as share their experience of their implementation in the existing energy systems. In conditions when the “green transition” to safe energy resources may take several years, traditional energy sources remain in demand. The National Strategy of Uzbekistan is aimed at investment attractiveness of energy projects, digital transformation, modernization of energy systems and integration of renewable energy sources.
MONTRANS Uzbekistan energy week DVR 2024
MONTRANS Group of Companies presented its IT solutions in the field of transport digitalization to foreign participants. For example, the MONTRANS DVR video monitoring and analytics system simultaneously ensures road safety and increases the economic efficiency of the fleet. The “smart” camera warns the driver of dangerous situations both on the way of the vehicle and inside the cabin. For example, the system will wake up the driver if his eyes are closed, or warn about the unacceptability of smoking while driving or talking on the phone. In turn, the dispatcher receives reliable video analytics about the work of transportation, which helps to make strategic decisions for the successful operation of the company.
Zhamshid Avazov, Regional Director of MONTRANS Uzbekistan: “Our stand aroused interest not only among Uzbek companies. Delegations from Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Indonesia, Iran, Kazakhstan and Saudi Arabia were interested in MONTRANS development. In total, more than 20 companies. As a rule, these are large enterprises that plan to implement monitoring and video analytics systems in their vehicle fleets”.
Foreign fleet owners were interested in another development of MONTRANS Group of Companies - fuel metering system (FMS). This device is designed to be installed on refueling trucks. The FMS makes the movement of fuel in the company absolutely transparent, excluding drains, underfills and loss of fuel and lubricants. The device collects, stores and transmits data on the full cycle of fuel movement at the enterprises: shipment from the warehouse or oil refinery, delivery and discharge of fuel into stationary storage facilities, refueling from stationary storage facilities into fuel tankers, refueling of vehicles from fuel tankers, control of fuel consumption by each individual unit of equipment. Participants of Uzbekistan Energy Week were pleasantly surprised that FMS MONTRANS helps vehicle fleets to save up to 30% of the total volume of fuel and lubricants.