MONTRANS is the winner of the IoT project of the year 2021

MONTRANS Group became one of the winners of the global telematics projects contest organized by Gurtam.

On September 30, during live broadcast, the organizers announced MONTRANS as the winner of the global telematics projects contest in the nomination “Construction in the Oil Exploration and Production Sector”. In 2021, the organizers are holding the second IoT project of the year award. Awards in the field of monitoring were given to the best projects in 17 nominations. For the contest organizers, it does not matter what hardware and software you use and how many facilities you have connected. The main criteria are creativity and the effectiveness of your solution.
Montrans has integrated its new IT product MONTRANS.ANALYTICS into the fleet of CWS International. CWS is one of the world leaders in the provision of services in the field of oil and gas production. The company carries out geological exploration, installs and maintains drilling rigs. Subdivisions of the company operate in Canada, USA, Russia and Argentina. The combined fleet of CWS in terms of capacity exceeds 1 million 300 thousand horsepower. The Russian division has 532 pieces of machinery. Machines perform energy-intensive works with significant fuel consumption. CWS has been cooperating with MONTRANS Group for five years. The machinery of the oilfield service company is equipped with fuel level sensors and terminals for satellite monitoring of transport. This enables supervision over the movement of fuels and lubricants and prevent misuse of machines. The standard vehicle monitoring system was unable to fully solve these problems. According to CWS International, before the installation of telematics equipment, misuse of fuels and lubricants had been reaching 30%. As a result of MONTRANS.ANALYTICS integration into the CWS fleet, the fuel policy was completely revised. The savings in the first month alone amounted to 3 million 300 thousand rubles. Subsequently, the expenses on fuels and lubricants in the company decreased by 40%.

The Russian cloud service MONTRANS.ANALYTICS saves car fleets millions of rubles every month

Tatiana Shafalyuk, Deputy Head of the Technical Support Department at Montrans Group: “CWS operates in the north, and therefore communication is not always stable, there is not always access to vehicles. Therefore, cases of vandalism and equipment failure are very common in the company. But now, thanks to Analytics, we see all cases of interference literally the next day and can promptly provide information and send an engineer.”

According to the organizers of the global contest, the main criteria for determining the winners were: importance to business, software and hardware components, as well as ease of project implementation. MONTRANS met all the above criteria and became the winner of the prestigious telematics projects contest - IoT project of the year 2021.