GITEX 2023. Digital technologies of the future

The MONTRANS company was represented in Dubai at the GITEX exhibition in October 2023 showcasing the company's comprehensive solutions. These solutions include automation for the operation transport, vehicles, special equipment, as well as analytics solutions for fleet management.
Solutions and products were available at two MONTRANS booths. GITEX has been growing every year, with virtually all pavilions fully occupied this year. The 100% occupancy rate suggests that the exhibition might relocate to a larger location next year. The fact that the exhibition continues to grow indicates the rapid development of modern IT technologies. The entire world is digitizing, without hesitation to use that term. MONTRANS is proud in being a part of this global IT community with our solutions.
Dubai at the GITEX exhibition in October 2023
The fact that our technologies are spreading, and we implement them worldwide, including other countries, is our achievement.
During the exhibition a lot of interesting innovations were presented, ranging from simple solutions to air taxis - a massive drone-copter with a capsule-shaped cabin reminiscent of a helicopter. This is already an air taxi, the development of which is progressing rapidly.
You could spend a week exploring the exhibition, and it would be impossible to cover everything in just a few words. Despite the high level of digitization in various fields and industries, human communication, the so-called "offline" interaction, cannot be replaced. Exhibitions serve as an example of such communication, where you meet people from different parts of the world, see them in person, and engage in conversations on various topics that unite us. No digital technologies can replace this. Therefore, live-format exhibitions continue to evolve and will not disappear anywhere. This is excellent because it represents a form of exchanging experiences.
MONTRANS is very pleased with the results of the exhibition. We have met many people, we communicate with them. We enjoyed the format of participation in GITEX, so we plan to participate in similar events annually, not only in GITEX in Dubai but also in other major global exhibitions in different countries.
And now, let's hear the opinions of other GITEX participants on the digitization of transport.
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