Digital Fleet Management Helps Calfrac Save Thousands of Dollars

Calfrac is a leading independent global provider of specialized oilfield services. Its principal business is the performance of hydraulic fracturing and coiled tubing maintenance. The company branches operate in Canada, the United States, Russia, and Argentina.
The combined fleet of Calfrac exceeds 1,3 million horsepower. Russian division manages 488 vehicles, performing operationally challenging tasks and thus consuming a great amount of fuel.
According to statistics, before implementing digital fleet management inappropriate fuel consumption rates reached 30%.

"Starting a partnership with MONTRANS. ANALYTICS, Calfrac fleet revealed several cases of fuel theft. Monitoring and analytics data proved that the difference between the amount of fuel issued and the amount of fuel vehicles actually got was over 48 tonnes. Impressed by the results, Calfrac resolved to revise its policy. The company had used fleet management solutions for a month when the profit became obvious. Fuel consumption reduced by 10%. Calfrac managed to save several thousands of dollars in just one month. It tracked down fuel thieves, organised preventive work, and dealt with culprits", says Alexander Seleznyov, Calfrac fuel engineer.

Fuel consumption of the Calfrac fleet
July 2020: 780 thousand litres
August 2020: 710 thousand litres
The average cost of diesel fuel in August 2020: 48.06 roubles per litre

Thus, Calfrac managed to save thousands of dollars in just one month. For over 5 years MONTRANS and Calfrac have maintained a solid partnership. Vehicles used by Calfrac are supplied with fuel level sensors and fleet management trackers. These devices give managers an opportunity to control fuel consumption and inappropriate use of vehicles. However, under modern economic conditions, the company faced a new task. That is to reduce the costs and inappropriate expenses. The standard digital fleet management could not meet such demands.
In this connection, MONTRANS introduced a new solution for controlling and managing fleet.

"Calfrac uses technically challenging vehicles, their work hour usually costs plenty of money. MONTRANS. ANALYTICS has provided the company with full control over fleet efficiency.
The software modulus optimises fuel consumption expenses and brings the productive capacity of the fleet to a new level. It makes financial and technical administration simple, combining all the data within universal standards. As a result, company managers get consolidated analytical reports comprising sound information, created without human interference", states Dmitriy Glukhov, MONTRANS project manager.

Before implementing MONTRANS. ANALYTICS, 4 employees of Calfrac were engaged in controlling fuel transactions. Despite that, the majority of theft cases remained unnoticed.
When the company started using the new solution the situation changed drastically. The staff was down to one person and fuel theft statistics reduced by 95%. Instead of 28 litres, Calfrac lost 2 litres.

Charts and graphs in the reports reflect the full picture of vehicle performance. Now the company management has full control over movements and work hours of the units as well as over refueling, idling, machine hours, road rules violations, and others.
Owing to MONTRANS. ANALYTICS, ERP-system of Calfrac showed efficiency increase by 53%.