Join us for QlikWorld Tour – and find your path to data-driven business

The world has become an incredibly unpredictable place in recent years. We are all now operating in a world where economic and market conditions can change overnight. However, there is a way forward to create as much certainty as possible. That path is through data.

Getting the right data to the right people in the right moment – to make the right decisions – is complicated. But it doesn’t have to be. When companies have the right strategies to access and activate the right data at the right time, they are moving forward with confidence. That's what we call Active Intelligence.

Attendees at the QlikWorld Tour conference in Tashkent on September 21, 2022 learn how to use the Qlik approach to ensure that analytics help you make informed decisions that you will be confident like never before.

Join us for the QlikWorld Tour Baku on September 27th to see how MONTRANS unique approach to data and analytics will give you confidence in your decision-making like never before.