Wialon stops working in RUSSIA

GURTAM has recently announced that on July 4, 2024 they will add a clause to the current contracts on banning the use of Wialon on the territory of the Russian Federation and on September 2, 2024 they will block access to Wialon Hosting for users with Russian IP addresses. Technical support and any interaction with companies doing business in the Russian Federation will be terminated.

Wialon service alternatives

MONTRANS recommends switching to 100% Russian software for smooth operation of your business. There are several alternatives to Wialon transportation monitoring service:

Montrans Online

Wialon ban, monitoring, montrans online
The original domestic transportation monitoring solution developed by MONTRANS IT specialists and analysts, which helps the manager to fully control the work of a trucking company.
Montrans Online is not just a monitoring system, it is a complex fleet management system, which allows to automate the work of the enterprise. The main advantage of the program is the integration of fleet monitoring systems with its control and management functions of FMS class. There is no need to work with different programs to solve local tasks and spend time and effort on support and data exchange between them.
Wialon leaves Russia, Russian ip addresses banned


A cloud-based solution that automates and digitizes the main fleet management processes and helps the ATP manager to fully control the work of the company.
Implementation of the analytics, management and control system is an effective measure to optimize planning processes, reduce expenses on transport logistics, accounting and labor costs through detailed analysis of the use of vehicles, construction and other specialized equipment.
Wialon ban, montrans analyrics, alternatives
MONTRANS ANALYTICS transportation analytics service is based on best practices.
All data on telemetry, fleet, drivers, trip tickets, logistics, fuel and MRO are integrated into one accounting system, providing complete vehicle information, eliminating possible errors and human error.
Montrans analytics, wialon alternatives