MONTRANS Group's Technologies to be presented in India

The 8th International Smart Cities Expo will be opened on March 27th at one of the largest exhibition centers of New Delhi, India. For three days, participants from more than 40 countries will present their brands, innovations, and IT developments. 150 leading speakers, including company leaders, politicians, and representatives of the state authorities, will speak at the forum. Over 50,000 people are expected to visit the exhibition and conferences.

MONTRANS Group of Companies will present at Smart Cities Expo its products, which are already broadly used in the Russian fleets. For example, the Fuel Consumption Controller (FCC) is a cutting-edge automated fuel distribution and control system. The device makes the movement of fuel and lubricants in the fleet completely transparent, eliminating the human factor in the issuance-receipt of fuel. As a result, the FCC allows saving up to 30% of all corporate expenses.

Another IT-development of the MONTRANS Group of Companies is an intelligent driver monitoring system, which additionally processes all kinds of dangerous traffic situations. MONTRANS.DVR is a multifunctional digital complex designed to be installed on any vehicles. The system warns the driver of a collision with a pedestrian, of a dangerous approach with a vehicle ahead or a stationary object, of leaving the traffic lane if the turn signal was not on. In case of an abnormal situation, the driver hears a voice warning and sees graphical images related to the event on the display. In parallel, another camera continuously scans the appearance of the employee by constantly monitoring a set of landmarks: special points on the person's face. In case of deviations from the program settings, an audible signal is sounded and a graph is displayed on the monitor screen. For example, the electronics triggers if the camera detects the signs of the driver's fatigue. In addition, the system will warn the driver not to smoke as soon as he brings a cigarette to his face. Similarly, the device is triggered by the phone held to the ear. This solution has been implemented in the Russian fleets for two years already. There are examples of the companies that faced no traffic accident throughout the year after the installation of MONTRANS.DVR.

According to experts in the field of telematic solutions, South-East Asia and Africa still lag behind Russia, China, Japan, and European countries in the pace of fleet digitalization. That is why the IT products and cloud services to be offered by MONTRANS Group of Companies at Smart Cities Expo are expected to quicken the interest of Indian companies.
MONTRANS stand is located in hall 3 booth B260.