Fleet Business Intelligence - MONTRANS.ANALYTICS

MONTRANS.ANALYTICS is a top-level product that integrates data from various sources. It primarily includes telematics data from the transport monitoring system, as well as data from user accounting systems (ERP systems, 1C, etc.).

The implementation of the analytics, management, and control system is an effective measure to optimize planning processes, reduce expenses on transportation logistics, accounting, and labor payment through detailed analysis of the use of automotive, construction, and other specialized equipment.

Analytical reports on the efficiency of fleet utilization

With the help of convenient reports, it is possible to view the details for the selected period and choose the necessary equipment class for which we want to see the details. There is additional information available regarding the vehicles, locations, and branches of the enterprise.

In addition, various metrics are displayed, which are coordinated with the client and can be customized to meet their needs.

The "Efficiency" module allows evaluating the efficiency of equipment's working time, the proportion of downtime, and idle running time.
Analytical reports on the efficiency of fleet utilization
The program's interface presents a table with the raw data, based on which the equipment fleet's efficiency dashboard is built.
In addition to the "Efficiency" module, there is also the "Fuel Analytics" module. Thanks to this analytical report, it is possible to assess fuel losses during idle running both in percentage and absolute expression in liters, choose the necessary period, and view details for the equipment of interest.
Details about specific units of equipment are also pulled together, as well as a comparison of actual fuel consumption with the norms accepted at the enterprise to assess how efficiently fuel is being used and how well the consumption norms correspond to reality.
There are additional metrics to assess the economic impact of using a vehicle fleet in monetary terms. Here, the calculation is presented for individual units of equipment, showing how much fuel has been saved or, conversely, overconsumed relative to the norms. There is also an additional table that evaluates the fuel overconsumption (burn-off) during idle running, which represents potential savings for the enterprise.

Fuel Balance

The "Fuel Balance" report accumulates information from the fuel supplier's accounting system, such as Rosneft, PPR, or another supplier, or from the fuel monitoring system that works with fuel tanks. Additionally, this report pulls telematics data on refueling based on fuel level sensors installed on the equipment. These data are automatically matched in the report, allowing for analysis of transaction data and the actual fuel received in the tank.
Fuel Balance

Refueling Delta

Automatically calculated delta (the difference between refueling data obtained from the fuel station equipment and data from the fuel monitoring equipment installed on the vehicles) allows us to identify refuelings with significant discrepancies.

Moreover, there is an option to view the refueling video recording, which enables visual monitoring and analysis of situations involving violations and inconsistencies, if necessary.
Refueling Delta

Multifactor analysis of the fleet rating.

Additionally, MONTRANS.ANALYTICS includes the 'Safe and Economical Driving' module, which provides statistics on violations related to the fleet.
Safe and Economical Driving
You can select the desired period and view details that can be downloaded for a specific vehicle with video evidence of some event, and based on this data, build a rating of the fleet, specific vehicle, and driver.
Also, the fleet analytics program includes the "Route Sheet Analytics" module, which allows comparing fuel consumption, refills, and mileage/engine hours obtained from route sheets with actual data.
The "Cargo Turnover Analytics" module provides the capability to generate a report on cargo turnover and the volume of completed work.
In general, the MONTRANS.ANALYTICS system is a flexible and functional business analytics system for the fleet. All dashboards and reports can be customized to the company's needs. Additionally, it allows configuring reports to account for day and night shifts.
Evgeny Kotov, Service Analyst at GK "MONTRANS": "Thus, the system allows accumulating data from various sources and, with just a few clicks, generating a comprehensive analytical report that provides a complete overview of the processes happening in the fleet. This enables prompt decision-making by management to enhance the efficiency of using automotive, construction, and other specialized equipment."
MONTRANS.ANALYTICS is a cloud-based solution that automates and digitizes the core processes of fleet management, providing ATP executives with full control over the enterprise's operations.
Evgeny Maxaev, Managing Partner at GK "MONTRANS": "The company's profit directly depends on how effectively the fleet management utilizes resources and utilizes monitoring data. The MONTRANS.ANALYTICS analytics program significantly reduces fuel costs and increases the productivity of each unit of equipment. The business analytics system for transportation companies simplifies the tasks of technical and financial administration, consolidating a vast amount of data within a single management standard. As a result, management receives top-level reports with highly accurate indicators, unaffected by human factors. The comprehensive information on the operation of all vehicles is presented through diagrams, graphs, and consolidated tables. Under control: vehicle movement, operating hours, refueling, machinery operation, downtime, engine hours, traffic violations, and many other parameters. The MONTRANS.ANALYTICS solution enhances the operational efficiency of equipment and the economic effectiveness of the fleet."