Digitalization of transport in the UAE

The Moscow Export Center organized a meeting of Russian companies with businessmen from the United Arab Emirates. The Parties discussed trade and economic cooperation in Dubai, which is the largest innovation and financial center in the Middle East.

Andrey Terekhin, Russian trade representative in the UAE: "The Emirates state is the right choice. The country is focused on modern, innovative solutions in the IT sphere. There is a favorable climate for investment here. There are several tax-free economic zones in the UAE. The state welcomes start-ups and talented people. The policy of digitalization has been elevated to the rank of state policy".

Domestic companies will have to prove to the Middle East market that Russian solutions are, first of all, effective. Secondly, all products have a high level of service support.

Roman Gavrilin, Executive Director of the Russian Center for Digital Innovations and Information and Communication Technologies in the UAE RUSIT: "Russia is unequivocally recognized as a state of enormous intellectual potential with a capacity of manufacturing high-quality products. The attitude towards us as suppliers, in my opinion, has not yet been formed. There are individual companies that have entered this market, but, in general, there is still no view of Russian business. We are now at the stage where we have the opportunity to gain a reputation in the Arab Emirates market".

Russian manufacturers united under a single brand: Made in Moscow. For example, the Montrans Group of Companies presented IT solutions in the field of transport digitalization. The experts told how the intelligent fleet management system MONTRANS.ANALYTICS works and why the MONTRANS DVR driver monitoring and assistance system is needed.

driver monitoring system

Mohammed Ziauddin Ahmed, chief executive officer AZKA: "Evidently, Montrans' digitalization and fleet management solution is really innovative. I recommend you talking to the Department of Motor Vehicles here, which has thousands of fleets under direct management. They have the main prospects for work in the field of transportation services. They ensure bus transportation in the Emirates, which is your target segment and direction for integrating your services. I am sure that your product MONTRANS.ANALYTICS will be useful for our fleets, and we will become your partners".

Stanislav Emelyanov, Managing Partner of the Montrans Group of Companies:"Dubai is the most modern platform for the introduction of the most advanced technologies and products. The latest developments of information technology are concentrated here. The MONTRANS company within its business mission presents modern solutions in the field of transport analytics and monitoring".

The experts predict that in the short term, the United Arab Emirates market will be popular with Russian companies. Domestic businesses need to settle in the Middle East to cover markets in African countries. The Emirates now have strong ties with Africa at the level of government contracts. Therefore, having gained a foothold on the Arabian Peninsula, it will be easier for Russian enterprises to promote their products and technologies on the Dark Continent.