GITEX GLOBAL is the premier tech event of the year in the Middle East. As part of the Exhibition, competitions dedicated to innovations and prospects of the digital future are held in Dubai. IT business sharks from all over the world flock to the city for the event. Russia's telematics and IoT market was represented by MONTRANS Group. The international jury drew MONTRANS from a pool of numerous nominees as its proprietary solution could help to save human lives in cold regions. In Chukotka, NORD TRANZIT builds roads and delivers goods in and around Pevek, which is called the northernmost city in Russia. The company's fleet consists of 150 pieces of equipment. These are road construction vehicles, off-road vehicles and heavy trucks. The work they do is hard and dangerous. If a vehicle gets broken while hundreds of miles away from any settlement, then in conditions of abnormal cold, emergency services will have only a few hours to rescue the driver. By the way, when MONTRANS was awarded its prize for know-how in the United Arab Emirates, it was +28 °C in Dubai. Meanwhile, it was +12 °C in Moscow and -8 °C in Pevek.

Veronika Pudovochkina, Service Manager of MONTRANS: “We offered NORD TRANZIT an integrated solution. It includes an Iridium satellite terminal since there are zones in Chukotka without GSM coverage. The solution also includes a remote control, which was specially developed by MONTRANS for NORD TRANZIT. The remote control sends an alarm signal to the operator, depending on how the situation is evolving: either the driver has collapsed or adverse weather conditions are expected. Another component of the solution was MONTRANS DVR, a driver monitoring and assistance system. This is our in-house IT development, which, with the help of a smart camera, constantly reads points on the driver's face while monitoring movements. The system can detect if the driver is tired, falling asleep, distracted, smoking or talking on the phone. The gadgetry warns the driver about a dangerous situation and sends event data to a cloud. We have positive feedback from our customers. They told us that the number of accidents in the company had decreased. It has become easier and more effective to monitor the work of drivers and help them along the route. All this combined has improved freight traffic safety and reduced maintenance and repair costs."

According to the organizers of the global competition, the main requirements for determining the winners were: importance for business, serviceability of a product, software and hardware components, as well as the ease of project implementation. The jury's criteria were thinking outside the box and the viability of solutions. The MONTRANS solution met both of the criteria.

Andrei Liatsetski, Head of Innovations at Wialon, member of the GITEX GLOBAL qualification team: "All the projects this year were highly promising. Starting from the versatility of solutions, when you offer "all-in-one" projects, with the functions of maintenance management, fuel control, driver behavior, temperature control and many other parameters combined into one ecosystem. The problem was to choose only one project – the cream of the crop. A wealth of criteria were considered to evaluate all the developments showcased. We double-checked all the ins and outs once and again. We re-examined photo and video files, checked if product training materials were available, found out the level of support services provided and whether this support would be available 24/7. Summarizing the talk, we congratulate MONTRANS on winning the whole thing and gaining the prize they deserved.”

Jormiel Samunal, participant in the competition (Mexico): “Our development is nominated for "The Project of the Year." We are waiting for this year's winner to be announced. I came here to meet like-minded people and learn more about modern technologies. Maybe I will find new ways to implement my company's solutions."

Amrinder pal Singh Hanjra, Managing Director of Eyesline Telematics PVT ltd, India: "Our company has 45 employees. We have experience in working with both software and transport monitoring equipment. We feel confident in the Indian telematics market and see good prospects for further development."

Armstrong Kufor, Information & Innovation Director CAMTRACK, Cameroon: "Our IT solutions are business-oriented and help solve the problems of our clients. It is very important to convert data from telematics devices into information useful for decision making."
Aliaksandr Kuushynau, Chief Wialon Officer, Head of Wialon Division: “We are happy to see partners from different countries, including Russia, here in Dubai. We have been cooperating with MONTRANS for a long time and the results are amazing.”

By the way, MONTRANS wins the global competition of telematics projects for the second year in a row. In 2021, in Vilnius, during a live broadcast, the international jury selected the company as the winner in the "Construction in the Oil Industry" nomination. The company offered a new software solution for efficient fleet management - MONTRANS Analytics. This IT solution was implemented by CWS International. After the first month of using the same, the oilmen received fuel savings in the amount of RUB 3,300,000. This year's success in the United Arab Emirates showed that MONTRANS products were in demand both in Russia and abroad. Today, the company is developing a new project for the 2023 edition of the global competition

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