Russian engineers are digitizing Indian truck fleets

Working with Trishield Logistics

In the state of Odisha, Trishield Logistics is engaged in transportation of coal, which is mined in an open-pit mine. The core of the fleet is made up of TATA heavy trucks. In 2008 at the international auto exhibition this truck was presented as a "world car". At that time it was equipped only with GPS tracking from telematic equipment. Today, in order to effectively manage the company, management needs to know complete information about the movement, operations performed and the technical condition of the machine, as well as to receive analytics on the work of the entire fleet.
Mohammed Salahuddin Ahmed, Head of MONTRANS branch in India: "I would like to share some good news from India. We have recently implemented our solutions at one of our customers located in Garjanbahal, Odisha. The client's name is Trishield logistics. It all started at one of the exhibitions held in India. We met Mr. Prashant, MD of the company at the exhibition and he was impressed with all the solutions we offer for monitoring system, montrans analytics and fleet management. We discussed with them their system existing at Garjanbahal OCP mines for their HEMM heavy machinery. We realized that their entire existing system is purely based on manual operation. As far as fuel, refueling, fuel consumption, engine hours are concerned, everything is recorded on paper with a pen. We offered our proposal to implement a complete solution for live tracking, vehicle monitoring, engine hours and fuel monitoring in particular.

Installation of telematic equipment

We visited Garjanbahal mine area where heavy vehicles are operating and installed our fuel sensors, tracking devices on their heavy vehicles, loaders, dump trucks. Basically, the objective is to enable them to monitor these machines in real time, refuel them, track fuel consumption, fuel draining and get operational reports.
Thus, we helped them to improve their work, instead of manual management they now have a comprehensive fleet management solution from MONTRANS. At the moment the customer is very satisfied, he is monitoring and has found a visible difference between what he was doing manually and what he got with MONTRANS. "I am confident that our business will increase significantly in the near future."
Garjanbahal mine area
Russian engineers flew to India in the middle of winter. It is +25 degrees outside - quite a comfortable temperature for the installation of telematics equipment. Under a pilot project, Russian specialists equipped five vehicles with fuel level sensors and terminals for processing and transmitting data in the LTE standard. A tilt sensor was installed on a front loader to monitor the operation of the lifting mechanism. The installation of telematics in the fleet was the highlight of the year for employees. Dozens of drivers and mechanics couldn't stop watching the actions of Russian engineers. During breaks the guests were treated to national dishes and tea with milk. Cows are not only sacred animals here, but also an integral part of any enterprise.
Russian engineers in India

Indian market and work outcomes

In 2023, MONTRANS opened offices in the Arab Emirates and India. The Indian market is considered to be one of the promising directions. This country is the largest in terms of population and there is a fast-growing telematics market with huge potential. Today, the digitalization of vehicle fleets in India is about 10 years behind the level of Russian companies. Already in the first days of operation of our telematics systems, top managers of the Indian company felt global advantages in new ways of fleet management. It is possible to monitor the location of equipment, fuel consumption and the functionality of machinery online. Manual and paper work has been replaced by analytical reports that give a complete picture of the company's activities. Based on the results of the pilot project, a decision will be made on the digitalization of the entire fleet.
Advantages of fleet management with Montrans