Vehicle fleet digitalization and transport monitoring systems

Do you need experts to manage your fleet? Are you seeking control, analysing and planning digitalization of your fleet?

We have combined all solutions into a digital fleet ecosystem: from vehicle monitoring, fuel metering, tachography and video surveillance, to telemedicine and repair control. We offer a full range of programs and solutions for fleet management.

MONTRANS Group of Companies will help make your fleet transparent, manageable and efficient!

MONTRANS company is a leader among Russian integrators in the field of satellite monitoring of commercial vehicles, fuel consumption control, vehicle tracking, cost optimization and digitalization of vehicle transport operations.

More than 1,000 organizations throughout Russia are connected to the fleet management system, including: Norilsk Nickel, Aeroflot, StroyGaz Consulting, AP Gazprom, Schlumberger, Eriell, Transneft and many others.

More than 30 thousand cars and special equipment are equipped with telematics and tachographs in various industries.

To serve our clients in India, we have started our operations from our Hyderabad office.

We reduce the cost of maintaining a vehicle fleet

The GLONASS\GPS satellite tracking system significantly increases the efficiency of using a vehicle fleet and reduces vehicle fleet costs. MONTRANS provides complete control, your drivers are under supervision 24 hours a day.
✔ tracks transport;
✔ controls mileage;
✔ counts engine hours;
✔ controls fuel consumption (average consumption, drains, refuelling);
✔ analysis of the operation of mechanisms;
✔ control of vehicle downtime;
✔ increases driving safety;
✔ control of visiting arbitrary geozones;
✔ video monitoring of transport;
✔ control of the driving staff (filling out driver cards);
✔ you can get group reports for all transport;
✔ can be accessed from any device that supports Internet access

Monitoring Programs


A cloud solution that allows you to automate and digitize the main processes of fleet management and helps the ATP manager to fully control the operation of the enterprise.

The introduction of an analytics, management and control system is an effective measure to optimize planning processes, reduce costs for transport logistics, accounting and labor through a detailed analysis of the use of vehicles, construction and other specialized equipment.


In-house monitoring solution developed by MONTRANS IT specialists and analysts, which helps the manager to fully control the work of a motor transport enterprise online.

MONTRANS Online is a comprehensive fleet management system that allows you to automate the operation of your fleet. MONTRANS Online is not just a GLONASS/GPS vehicle monitoring program in its usual sense. Of course, monitoring is present, however, this is only one puzzle in a huge mosaic of the capabilities of this program.

The main advantage of the Glonass online transport monitoring program is the combination of fleet monitoring systems with its control functions and FMS class management. There is no need to work with different programs to solve local problems and spend time and effort on supporting and exchanging data between them.

Using the MONTRANS Online fleet management system you get:
✔Fleet Management Control Center
✔Transport accounting
✔Transport monitoring GLONASS GPS
✔Planning and control of maintenance and repairs


Montrans DVR is a high-end system that helps both your drivers to prevent road accidents and you to save on fuel, consumables and repairs, as well as avoid controversial situations when investigating accidents.
The system consists of four components.

Key features:
•Offline/Online mode;
•Sound and visual alerts in cases of emergency;
•Customized setting based on certain types of events;
•Auto-sending photos and videos on any violation;
•Highlighting "violators";
•Providing unbiased information on events
The development of MONTRANS is a technological breakthrough in the field of video monitoring of transport. An intelligent driver assistance system that also allows remote monitoring of the driver’s actions and conditions. The complete system consists of four components: ADAS, DMS, alarm panel and IP video camera. You can view the video online or for a selected period of time. You can configure recording for alarm events that are automatically uploaded to the server. You can also enable notifications about each event.

Recognizes the driver's absence, distraction from the road, talking on the phone, smoking in the car, fatigue.
Displays information on the mini-screen in the form of images (smoking, fatigue, phone, driver's absence, leaving the lane, dangerous approach, pedestrians.
Performs the functions of PCW (Pedestrian Collision Warning), FCW (Forward Collision Warning), and LDW (Lane Departure Warning)

Recent Project(s):
Montrans -Digital Fleet Management has been approached by Trishield Logistics to provide a comprehensive fleet management solution for their HEMM units operated at Garjanbahal OCP Mines at Odisha.
Digital Fleet Management India
Garjanbahal OCP Mines

Management Team:

In the picture, from left to right, are: Mr. Dmitry Zhuravlev (Managing Partner Montrans), Mr. Salahuddin Ahmed Mohammed (Director-Montrans India), Mr. Stanislav Emelyanov (Managing Partner Montrans)
Management Team