Interview with the head of the branch of MONTRANS Group of Companies in India

Salahuddin Ahmed Mohammed Khaja, head of the MONTRANS branch in India: “A fascinating journey began for me when I became part of the MONTRANS company. I see that I am dealing with a team of professionals, an optimistic and friendly team. This is all I like.

The products and solutions themselves are very suitable for Indian industrial enterprises. Recently, we have begun to pay more attention to digital aspects and it is obvious that MONTRANS products are suitable for many industries.
The technical staff of the Russian company has excellent professional knowledge. I enjoyed spending the day with the engineers at the installation sites. Now in India, transport and logistics companies are moving towards digitalization. MONTRANS products and solutions will help increase their efficiency by providing a management tool that is closest to their needs.

Today, MONTRANS has several solutions, with particular mention Montrans.Analytics and Montrans.DVR, which will be extremely useful in India as our companies look for such solutions.”