GAZPROM fleet was mainly used for transferring top management of the company. Fleet management data was transmitted to the special government departments, which collected information concerning assets moving, speed and etc.

The reports needed to be precise in order to guide transfer efficiently as well as to make necessary corrections.


In 2012 fleet management was installed on a van and a loader of GAZPROM in a test mode. After two weeks the experiment proved to be a success. The solution offered by MONTRANS met the demands of the company completely.

Moreover, it is included in the National Register of Measuring Equipment of Russia.
In the same year, GAZPROM started to equip its fleet with GPS/GLONASS trackers.  
149 vehicles were equipped. According to GAZPROM's statistics, digital fleet management reduced the fuel consumption of each vehicle. On average, it decreased up to 2 liters per 100 km.