MONTRANS Controls the Supply of Fuel to The West Erginsky Oil Field

The West Erginsky field is an oil field located in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug. At present, the deposit is being actively developed by Rosneft.

KVS is a leading independent global provider of specialized oilfield services, operating in Canada, the USA, Russia, and Argentina. Its combined fleet exceeds 1 million 300 thousand horsepower.

For the Erginsky site, KVS allocated 120 vehicles. As a rule, in winters the supply of fuel to the field stops. To avoid downtime KVS purchased 1,5 thousand tons of fuel. The energy supplier stored it in containers ranging from 50 to 100 tons. This was the first winter when an inflatable tank with a volume of 50 cubic meters was used.

The energy supplier dispenses fuel at the meters. In turn, KVS International refuellers receive it using the MONTRANS digital fleet management solutions. After refueling, the data is verified, and only after that the fuel acceptance certificate is signed.

“MONTRANS digital fleet management makes vehicle movements transparent. Most suppliers support our policy. We check the readings twice — by the fuel level sensors and by the meters. " states Alexander Seleznev, fuel engineer at KVS International.

KVS International vehicle fleet comprises various kinds of transport for different needs. Its units perform energetically challenging work and consume a great amount of fuel. According to the company's specialists, before implementing digital fleet management, the inappropriate consumption of fuels had reached 30%.

“We have a lot of cars, consuming lots of fuel. There used to be numerous cases of fuel theft, which reduced to zero with the implementation of the MONTRANS solutions. Still, sometimes the fuel is drained, " Alexander points out.

KVS International has been a partner of MONTRANS for 5 years. Oil field services company equips its vehicles with fuel level sensors and satellite fleet management trackers. Owing to these solutions KVS manages to prevent personal use of transport and control fuel consumption. However, under modern economic conditions, the company faced a new task. That is to reduce the costs and inappropriate expenses. The standard digital fleet management could not meet such demands. In this connection, MONTRANS introduced the new solution for controlling and managing fleet.

“KVS needed a more modern product that would satisfy all their needs. We offered them to implement the MONTRANS Analytics fleet management system. This is a new solution, which has been successfully used by this company for a long time. The analytical data that managers get is correct, valid, reliable and accurate. We worked on it for six months, having carried out a huge amount of service work and additional staff training. This was the first stage of implementation," says Evgeny Maksaev, managing partner of MONTRANS. "When the process was fine-tuned, we took another step — we built "Fuel Balance" within this company. Tankers are equipped with controllers that keep personalized records of transactions. Drivers apply a personal card and see which vehicle is being refueled. The navigation equipment controls how much fuel tanks got. The entire chain, from the supply to the consumption of fuels, is now absolutely transparent. The MONTRANS Analytics program reflects accurate information on the movement of fuel every day. The economic effect of “Fuel Balance” at large enterprises, such as KVS International, can reach million dollars a year. Oil service industry companies tend to use technically complex installations; their work hour usually costs plenty of money. The efficiency of managing processes directly influences the profit. In this connection, MONTRANS introduced the new solution for controlling and managing fleet. The software modulus optimises fuel consumption expenses and brings the productive capacity of the fleet to a new level. It makes financial and technical administration simple, combining all the data within universal standards. As a result, the management of the enterprise receives consolidated analytical reports with absolutely reliable indicators, since the human factor was excluded during their preparation. The reports in the form of charts, graphs and pivot tables provide complete information about the work of all transport units. The company's management controls the operating time of equipment, movement, operation of mechanisms, refueling, downtime, engine hours, traffic violations and many other parameters”.