Fleet Management Reports: 3 Situations When You Had Better Start Getting Them

Fleet management reporting services give an in-depth understanding of fleet's performance and operational costs to the company. You may think you do not need to use one until you find yourself in a predicament.

You Faced Unauthorized Use of Vehicles

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 6% of employees are engaged in side jobs, commonly known as moonlighting. Drivers are not the exception; lots of employers face certain challenges connected with unauthorized vehicle use. Extra fuel consumption, fast wear and tear, and lost income are not all the points in the list of problems here.
Fleet tracking reports serve as a useful assistant in fighting such issues. Companies can get the full picture of vehicle movements and route details, track geofence activity.

You Noticed Too Much Idling

Excessive idle time has a crucial influence on a company’s revenue. First and foremost, it’s fuel that costs money, but also a quicker wear and tear of vehicles matters. As statistics show, drivers tend to leave trucks running at stops while eating lunch or talking to the phone.
Idle time reports provided by digital fleet management make reducing such cases possible. Driver’s activity at work becomes transparent to company managers.

You Want to Observe the Driving Style

When an employee is on track, managers have no chance of observing his driving behavior and style. Smoking and phone chatting are common behind the wheel leave alone violation of the safety rules. Speeding tickets and accidents are issues many businesses face, no matter how many or what type of vehicles you have.

Careless driving behavior may be one of the reasons why a company loses its money and moreover its prestige. That’s why it is crucial to observe your drivers. With fleet management reports you will know for sure if an employee lacks professional etiquette or not.