MONTRANS at "Seymartec Mining. Mining Efficiency - 2024"

Chelyabinsk hosted the eighth international forum of mining industry leaders. This year, three hundred participants presented reports and solutions on the strategic and technical development of Russia's leading mining and metallurgical companies. Experience was exchanged in various areas: mining, coal preparation, process automation and digitalization of the industry.
Montrans Analytics Telematics in Analytics
Dmitry Zhuravlev, Managing Partner of MONTRANS Group of Companies, made a report in the section of the business program "Transport, transport systems, digitalization of transport at the Mining and Processing Plant". The expert presented a realized project for the Yakovlevsky Mining and Processing Plant (YAGOK). The case is unique in that it was developed specifically for the needs of the enterprise. The trucks were equipped with the MONTRANS DVR intelligent video system, which monitors the environment around the vehicle and inside the cab. The "smart" camera scans up to five hundred points on a person's face and instantly draws conclusions: whether the driver falls asleep, is distracted from the road, whether he is smoking or talking on the phone.
There are already examples in large domestic fleets, when after equipping all transport with MONTRANS DVR system, the company did not have a single accident in a year. For example, GAZSTROIPROM installed a video driver assistance and control system on 513 shift buses. As a result, in 2023, the number of traffic violations was reduced by 85% and not a single accident was recorded.