"Made in Russia". Transport Digitalization

"Made in Russia" is the country's main export forum. In Moscow, businessmen and government representatives are discussing ways to support domestic manufacturers. One of the main subjects of discussion is the development of trade and economic liaisons with other countries. A part of the forum is an interactive exhibition, which presents products and developments from various regions of the country.

For example, young entrepreneurs in the capital made a customization with an ordinary skateboard. The board has become 'smart' and is now visible in the dark.

Ivan Galkin, Technical Director of Shine Corp: "We integrated an electronic unit in the board, keeping the same overall thickness. We integrated backlight and adjusted algorithms to determine the quality of the road surface. We also installed a program that shows whether a person is riding correctly. The board is able to determine speed, mileage, cornering speed and other parameters that are interesting for skaters".

Egor Shlyupikov, author of the Shine Corp project: "The board, to determine its location, communicates first with the phone, and the phone is already with the GPS system".

And the inventor from Omsk, has created, in his opinion, the lightest motorcycle in the world. Although, officially, the device is called an electric scooter and does not require a driver's license to drive it. The weight of the bike is 30 kilograms, and it can carry two persons and luggage with a total weight of 150 kilograms. The speed on the bicycle lanes is limited to 25 kilometers per hour, on the road - up to 40. Battery capacity suffices for 100 kilometers. The bike can be stored in an apartment. The serial production of this bike has already been set up.

Pyotr Melnikov, General Director of MARS bike (Omsk): "There is cruise control and a speed limiter. If the bike track is long,you can choose a comfortable riding mode for your arms not to get tired and enjoy the ride. Some of the components are imported from China, some of them we make ourselves: the frame, the plastic, the saddles, some of the electronics. That's what we do in Omsk".

And in the Crimea, the production of electric cars for transporting tourists was established. The bus was named "Eltavr" combining two words - "electric" and "Tavrida".

Alexey Korshunov, managing partner of Eltavr Production Union (Crimea): "The peculiarity of this car is that it is assembled of domestic components. This makes it possible to buy spare parts ‘around the corner’. The care is 5-7 times more powerful than its Chinese analogs. Golfcars are usually intended for the plains, and the Crimea has mountainous terrain. A more powerful engine is needed to lift 10-11 persons on the road. We developed it. Its capacity is 45 kW. That's enough so that the bus could easily go uphill with passengers at an angle of 30 degrees".

A Moscow IT company has developed an analytics platform based on data from unmanned aircrafts. With this solution, it is possible create a highly accurate terrain model. For example, the problem of determining the quality of roads inside closed pits was solved.

Aleksandr Ryzhov, General Manager of Skyeer: "With the help of smart algorithms and data from the drone, we learned how to get an up-to-date road graph. It is possible to quickly create a three-dimensional model of the space, which is loaded into the unmanned haul truck operating in the pit and ensuring its error-free operation inside the facility. Installed lidars and cameras on the vehicle will be responsible for the ‘last meter’, so as not to accidentally hit a person who ran out or not to run over a stone. This algorithm is bringing the future closer and unmanned technology in the mining industry is becoming more and more real".

The "Made in Russia" forum identified leaders in various areas of industry, transport, and urban infrastructure. Thus, TRASKO company took second rank in the "Exporter of the Year" competition. According to the management, this result was made possible by the implementation of IT products and transport digitalization.

Alexey Chinyakov, Commercial Director of TRASKO: "We put a lot of effort into promoting the service for export. We have over 60 countries in our portfolio. It allows us for differentiating our client portfolio. And in spite of difficult times, we are showing positive business dynamics".

And the development of MONTRANS company helps make Russian roads safer. The MONTRANS DVR driver assistance and monitoring system sees everything that happens in front of the vehicle and what happens to the driver himself. In the event of a dangerous situation, the system warns the pilot and reports the event to the cloud service.

Dmitry Zhuravlev, Managing Partner of Montrans Group of Companies: "The driver monitoring system controls such parameters as falling asleep, distraction, smoking, talking on the phone. All of this impacts the quality of driving. The system consists of three elements, which help increase traffic safety by 30% already in the first week of use. The fleet management can use telematics reports to rank drivers and see who is in the risk group. Such drivers can be sent for additional training. Reducing the accident rate in the fleet leads to significant savings in the company's budget".

By the way, the value and practicality of the MONTRANS DVR system was appreciated at the largest GITEX GLOBAL exhibition in the Middle East in October this year. The international jury chose the MONTRANS solution out of many nominees, as this development helps save human lives in the Far North.