Shell is a multinational oil and gas company. In 2017 Shell was ranked among the top five transportation companies in the world. The company runs a round-the-clock business and today the management has higher requirements to the reports of the transportation monitoring system. Refueling trucks are equipped with the most modern telematic solutions, which work in the MONTRANS cloud services.


  • Vehicle location tracking
  • Vehicle mileage monitoring, engine hours calculation
  • Fuel consumption monitoring (average consumption, drains, refuellings, consumption per engine hour)
  • Analysis of mechanisms operation
  • Fleet group reports
  • Systematic online transport control 24/7/365
Mohammed Salahuddin Ahmed Director of Digital Fleet Management Pvt Ltd. «The combination of monitoring, video and navigation helped to control 100% of the process. Automation allowed us to understand how fast we can make trip. The turnover rate increased 2 times. We’ve got rid of 20% of fleet and we carry even more volume than before»

20% Reduction of fuel consumption