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Speed limiting device (SLD)

vehicle speed limiter
SLD for cars with electronic gas pedal
One of the requirements of ADR (International Agreement concerning the Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road) is the presence of a speed limiting device (SLD) on the vehicle.
This is a specialized device that is designed to control the maximum permitted speed of a vehicle, established by Russian legislation for certain types of road transport.
Installing a speed limiting device (SLD) in a vehicle significantly improves the safety of human transportation and cargo delivery.
SLD for vehicles with mechanical gas pedal

For ADR.

SLD for vehicles with carburetors
vehicle speed limiter
A speed limiting device (SLD) is electronic equipment designed to automatically limit the user-defined maximum speed of a vehicle to 60 or 90 km/h. To achieve this goal, the SLD uses two main methods.
In the first method, speed limitation is achieved by directly limiting the fuel supply to the engine. For this purpose, a solenoid valve is installed on the fuel line, which regulates the flow of fuel into the engine, thus limiting its power and speed.
In the second method, the engine control unit (ECU) is used to change the voltage in the electronic accelerator pedal circuit. This limits the amount of fuel flowing to the engine when the accelerator pedal is fully open. In this way, the unit limits the maximum speed of the vehicle, preventing it from accelerating to high speeds.

Installing the speed limiter

SLD on passenger buses
On passenger buses that are designed to transport children in organized groups aged 6-16 years.
Install the SLD
Vehicles of category EX (II or III), FL, AT or OX carrying dangerous goods (ADR - irrespective of year of manufacture and maximum weight
устройство ограничения скорости
Transportation of dangerous goods has even more disastrous consequences if the driver violates the speed limit. Vehicles carrying dangerous goods are not allowed to travel unless they are equipped with a speed limiting device. Such vehicles must not travel at a speed of more than 90 km/h.

Speed limiter on a gasoline truck.
Owners of vehicles for transportation of dangerous goods are guided by the requirements of ADR and the Federal Law "On Road Safety" № 196 - FZ of 10.12.1995.

For other categories of vehicles the mandatory installation of a speed limiting device (SLD) is not stipulated.
First of all, the SLD on such transport is necessary to reduce the number of accidents and increase the safety of such transportation. Thus, a bus with children on board is prohibited to reach speeds above 60 km/h.
Speed limiter
A speed limiter installed in a vehicle prevents the driver from exceeding the speed limit. It has an electronic-mechanical system for adjusting the vehicle speed. The device allows the speed to be set within a range from minimum to maximum. The mechanism for limiting fuel supply to the vehicle engine does not activate either the service or parking brake systems of the vehicle, which excludes loss of vehicle controllability or engine shutdown when the speed limiter is operating.

Operating principle of the speed limiter

- The vehicle speed limiter works with all types of gas pedal pedals
- Reads speed from any type of speed sensor, from ABS sensor, from transmission primary shaft rotation sensor, from CAN bus of the car
- Does not affect cruise control operation
- Signals by light and sound indicators when the vehicle speed limit is approaching the speed limit value
- It has a "kick-down" function - it switches off when the accelerator pedal is pressed sharply to the floor. Disengagement lasts for 30 seconds, enough time to complete the maneuver
- Supports more than 350 vehicle speed limit scenarios
"Most European and Russian manufacturers equip trucks with a forced speed limiter: 85, 88, 90 km/h. American truck manufacturers have no limit. The speed limit is primarily a fight for the engine and vehicle resource, i.e. it is a competitive advantage of the truck manufacturer: the lower the operating costs, the better for the end consumer," - Dmitry Zhuravlevlev, head of the analytical center of Montrans LLC, Dmitry Zhuravlyov

Operation diagram of the speed limiting device (SLD)

Buses transporting children under 16 years of age are also equipped with an SLD. The limit for them is 60 km/h.
One of the requirements of the road transportation of dangerous goods (ADR) is the mandatory presence of a speed limiting device, established by Russian legislation, for some types of road transport. First of all, the speed limiter on such vehicles is necessary to reduce the number of accidents and transportation safety.

The speed limiter is installed on the basis of an international agreement developed on the recommendation of the UN. It lists all markings of dangerous goods and chemical compounds. The final fixation and introduction of devices is approved by the Technical Regulations.

It is there that it is stated that limiters are installed on vehicles weighing more than 3.5 tons for dangerous goods and on buses. Failure to comply with the rules and regulations is punishable under the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation. Sanctions for violations are quite serious - a large fine for a legal entity, refusal to confirm the conducted TO, and a complete ban on the operation of transport. Drivers themselves are penalized in accordance with the current legislation on general grounds
Any vehicle weighing more than 3.5 tons and carrying dangerous goods must be equipped with a speed limiting device regardless of the place of operation - within city limits, suburbs or on intercity trips. The SLD must be installed even if the manufacturer has implemented a speed limitation in the vehicle or a maximum speed lower than that specified in ADR. Such vehicles must not travel at a speed of more than 90 km/h.
A limiter is also required on buses and passenger cars. They are allowed the same speed of 90 km/h.

Transportation of children

SLD under ADR

Hazardous goods

Passenger transport

Restrictions on driving with raised body

The MONTRANS SLD does not allow exceeding a predetermined speed until the special equipment is placed in the transport position.

For example, the dump truck body is fully lowered, the crane unit is placed within the vehicle dimensions, the moldboard is raised, the brush is disabled, etc.

Connected by means of various sensors (both regular and additional). In case of failure of one of the sensors, the SLD will keep the speed limitation mode even after turning off and turning on again the ignition.

To visually inform the driver about the system operation mode, an additional setting of the Signalizer is provided.

Traffic restrictions with raised body will exclude accidents due to human factor (driver forgot to lower the body).

Restrictions on driving with raised body
"Some market players offer intelligent speed limiters. For example, the Montrans SLD allows you to limit the speed not mindlessly, but depending on the conditions: if the driver is not wearing a seatbelt, has a cigarette, or has a cell phone to his ear, the SLD will automatically limit the speed. The intelligent system also knows in advance (it has all the maps of Russian roads with speed limits on them), with what maximum speed you can drive past the school or on the highway. So-called geofences are intelligent speed limits from MONTRANS. This is, first of all, the elimination of the influence of the human factor, another step towards autopilot, towards reducing traffic rules and saving human lives and equipment," - Dmitry Zhuravlevlev.
You can buy and install inexpensive speed limiting devices in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar, Voronezh, Surgut, Novy Urengoy, Samara, Chelyabinsk, Bratsk and all major cities and regions of Russia online at or by calling 8 800 200-911-0.
Planning to comply with the current legislation, many companies purchase and install SLD on their own. Unfortunately, inexperienced car owners often make mistakes during installation and configuration, so the device may fail at a critical moment. If you want the purchased equipment guaranteed to meet all your requirements and work stably and properly, it is best to contact the company "Montrans" - the called leader of telematic solutions in Russia.
The limiter must be sealed to prevent tampering and deliberate disabling. Such work can be combined with the introduction of GPS/GLONASS monitoring, which will increase the control and safety of cargo and passenger transportation.

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