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GPS/GLONASS terminal Montrans M-1

Great solution at low cost
Wide range of ready-made solutions
In-house production
A simple and inexpensive solution with all the necessary functionality for high-quality transportation monitoring.
It has built-in GLONASS/GPS and GSM-antennas, as well as a built-in battery. This model supports connection of up to 6 digital fuel level sensors via RS-485 interface, 1 analog and 1 frequency sensor.
Long warranty period
Мониторинг транспорта
Monitoring of the condition of the vehicle (Vehicle)
Monitoring of its location and movements
Monitoring of mileage and fuel consumption
Motor hour calculation
Determination of driving style (EcoDriving)
GPS/GLONASS tracker determines the location and direction of movement of the object, as well as tracks the route.
With its help, you can evaluate the style and quality of driving, record stops, parking and opening/closing of doors.
The features of this tracker are customizable power saving mode and remote device setup function.

GLONASS\GPS subscriber terminal
is designed for:

Traffic accident event recording according to GOST or ASI traffic accident severity index
RFID tag readers
Temperature monitoring with temperature sensors
Remote control of connected devices and systems of the vehicle, e.g. siren, engine and door locking system, etc.

The Montrans M-1 terminal can be connected:

Fuel level sensor
Temperature sensor
Opening/closing the door
Driver identification
Ignition sensor
Glonass terminal Montrans M-1
Alarm button
The Montrans satellite terminal can not only transmit location coordinates, speed and mileage of the vehicle, but also read data from other sensors and devices

The Montrans M-1 satellite terminal is great for:

Passenger car
GLONASS on the car
Light commercial vehicles
glonass on a car
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