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Car GPS/GLONASS tracker in cigarette lighter

GLONASS/GPS tracker through cigarette lighter
Glonass in the cigarette lighter
Courier services
Car GPS/GLONASS tracker in cigarette lighter. Budget solution for controlling any vehicles. It will be useful for organizations that need to organize instant control of any unit of machinery.
Does not require any installation costs. The tracker is equipped with its own battery for autonomous operation in case of disconnection from the cigarette lighter.
Personnel control
Field staff
Transport monitoring in the cigarette lighter
Hired transportation
GLONASS installed in the cigarette lighter will be a great solution for those who need to instantly install a monitoring device in virtually any type of vehicle
With the help of portable GLONASS tracker you can organize instant and high-quality control of the location of your equipment and equipment of subcontractors, change the route of equipment if necessary.
It can be placed anywhere in the car: in the glove compartment, on the front panel, in the trunk, where there is a possibility to connect to a 12 or 24 volt socket.

What parameters can be tracked with a tracker?

Glonass tracker in cigarette lighter

✔ Real-time location tracking

✔ Vehicle route control

✔ Speed control

✔ Control of time of visits to retail outlets

✔ Communicating relocation data to the customer. Fulfilling the requirements for work authorization

Power supply 12-24 Volt
Transport monitoring in the cigarette lighter

Appearance and connectivity

Transportation monitoring scheme
In the line of "MONTRANS" - the best samples of GLONASS equipment for monitoring and control of vehicles. Buy car GPS/GLONASS trackers in Moscow and other cities.

Install other GLONASS/GPS terminals

Install GLONASS M-1
A simple and inexpensive solution with all the necessary functionality for quality vehicle monitoring.
Install GLONASS M-3
The terminal has maximum functionality and this device can solve most tasks in the field of vehicle monitoring.
The latest development in the field of vehicle monitoring and control, endowed with maximum functionality and technical characteristics.
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