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Tire pressure monitoring system for trucks

Tire pressure monitoring system
Up to 42 wheels can be monitored
Tire pressure monitoring
Real-time monitoring of tire pressure and temperature
Knowing your tire pressure is essential for safe driving, for saving fuel consumption and for reducing chassis repair costs.
MONTRANS' comprehensive solutions allow you to monitor this parameter and warn you when it changes.
Automatic recording of the last 10 critical readings
Мониторинг транспорта

Tire pressure monitoring

TPMS tire pressure monitoring system, or tire pressure monitoring system, is one of the important technologies in modern cars. This system is designed to monitor tire pressure and alert the driver of any deviations from optimal levels.
A tire pressure monitoring system is a comprehensive system that uses sensors to measure the pressure in each of the vehicle's tires. These sensors transmit information about tire pressure to a special display in the driver's cab, and can also transmit data to a satellite-based vehicle monitoring system to analyze the data and control the vehicle's operation. If the tire pressure is below a certain level or there are other problems, TPMS will alert the driver to take action.
Tire pressure monitoring system

How much money are you losing due to improper use of tires without a monitoring system?

tires in fleets are operated at normal pressure (in the "green corridor")
More than 50% of truck downtime is due to tire failure
According to Goodyear Tire & Rubber research, lower pressure increases fuel consumption: on average 2.5% when lowered by 15%, and 5% when lowered by 30%.
Tire life is reduced by 25% when pressure is reduced by 20%, and tire life is reduced by 45% when pressure is reduced by 30%
Up to 30% of operating costs, according to research, depend on the operation of truck rolling stock tires
Lower pressure increases the deformation of the tire. The tire heats up more than it should while driving. The tread edges are subjected to increased wear and sometimes the integrity of the carcass is compromised. Fuel consumption increases.

In addition, when hitting a pothole, the likelihood of damage to both the rim and the tire is always higher at low pressure than at nominal pressure

In the case of higher pressures, cord filaments are overstressed and the tire tread center increases wear. When driving on bad roads, all shocks that are transmitted to the suspension and the body become noticeably more tangible for the driver. And when hitting a pothole, the likelihood of a tire blowout increases.

But the most dangerous of all are the consequences of unequal pressure in all tires of the tractor and semi-trailer. The vehicle always tries to move sideways when driving. The wheels with the lowest pressure cause the vehicle to move sideways. In such cases, there is a high probability of getting into an accident, which can lead to irreparable consequences and great material losses.

Not so long ago, drivers had to manually check the pressure in all tires, which took a lot of time and the readings were not always accurate. Today, the MONTRANS tire pressure monitoring system helps fleets get rid of this headache. Tire pressure monitoring with the help of pressure sensors transmits the readings to the MONTRANS terminal, and from it the data are sent to the display in the car cabin and to the cloud service, where the company management can monitor the situation with all vehicles.
TPMS tire pressure monitoring system

Using the tire pressure monitoring system

Advantages of the tire pressure monitoring system

By the way, in Europe tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) are mandatory equipment and without this monitoring component the car will not pass certification.

Increased tire life

1% deviation in pressure is 1.5% underrun of the tire

Reduction of premature tire failure

The driver or dispatcher will be notified of the problem in time and can make a decision without killing the tire

Possibility to reward drivers for mileage overruns

and, as a consequence, motivation to be attentive and careful with the resource

Reduced fuel consumption

A 20% lower pressure in the drive axle (4 tires) results in 7% higher fuel consumption

Improved security

The slightest pressure leaks will be detected in time and the machine will not go off the road

Reduced downtime

the equipment will not stand up on the highway and the driver does not have to change the tire himself, he has the information at his fingertips.

Reducing the cost of repairs

it's like treating the body, detecting problems in time will reduce the cost of "treating" the tires

Integration with monitoring systems

You will always be able to resolve conflicts with the driver and identify who is to blame for the "killed" tire

How does it work?

Possibility to set normative values individually for each axis
ACS automatically monitors the pressure in each wheel in real time
система tpms
Customizable up and down pressure deviation signal thresholds from 6% to 45%
tpms system
Notifies the driver if the pressure deviates from the preset value
tpms system
Temperature rise thresholds from 72 degrees
tpms system
The monitor warns the driver of pressure changes by light and sound signal, shows which tire needs attention
The system can improve tire efficiency by 50%, reduce fuel consumption by an average of 5%, and reduce tire downtime by 100%.
According to experts, if tire pressure and temperature are constantly monitored, tire life can be increased by up to 50%. According to Michelin's calculations, with optimal tire pressure, fuel consumption can be reduced by 5%. Depending on the number of vehicles in the fleet, the savings of fuel and lubricants at the enterprise will amount to hundreds of thousands or even millions of rubles per year.

Tire pressure monitoring system is profitable and reliable!
"If something happens to a tire: the pressure drops or the temperature rises, the driver is immediately notified on the display. This will allow him to save the tire in case of damage at an early stage. He won't get into an accident. Will not go off the road. He will avoid having to dismantle and reinstall the wheel, which is especially important in winter."
Nikita Lomagin
Nikita Lomagin
"The parameter "tire pressure" is in our lineup and allows the client to approach the issue of savings in a comprehensive way. We come to the customer not only with our own solutions, but also with the solutions of our partners. These are tire pressure professionals. We engage them and provide the client with a complete solution based on our Montrans Online monitoring"
Sergey Kulakov
Sergey Kulakov
Commercial Director of MONTRANS Group of Companies
г. Moscow
Yes, the TPMS system can be configured to monitor the spare tire pressure. This will allow you to be aware of the condition of all tires on the vehicle.
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