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GPS/GLONASS LTE 4G satellite terminal

Satellite terminal
Montrans M-5 LTE

MONTRANS M-5 LTE with external antennas combines the advanced features and technologies of the 5x line of terminals: CAN Scanner, Exigner Driver App, support for two CAN buses, RS 485, RS 232, Modbus, 1-Wire, Bluetooth and high data rate and ultra-low power consumption thanks to LTE connectivity with global coverage.

Modifications of M-5 satellite terminals

GPS/GLONASS tracker Montrans M-5 WiFi
GPS/GLONASS terminal Montrans M-5 LTE
MONTRANS M-5 LTE combines advanced technologies of GPS/GLONASS monitoring Easy Logic and CAN-Scanner.

The terminal allows you to work with the main standards of cellular communication 2G / LTE (2G/3G/4G), with 2 CAN-buses simultaneously, transmit data from sensors and devices by supporting protocols RS 485, RS 232, 1-Wire and via Bluetooth 5.0. Tracker modifications with external and internal antennas are available.
GPS/GLONASS vehicle monitoring

From basic transportation monitoring to business automation

The terminal is equipped with 4 GB eMMC internal memory and can solve complex tasks in the field of vehicle monitoring, driving style and fuel consumption control, as well as fleet and stationary objects automation. You can automatically control central locking, vehicle engine and headlights, create polygonal geofences and control speed limits in each, and adjust light, temperature and humidity levels based on sensor readings. All of these capabilities are enabled through the use of Easy Logic technology.

The Montrans M-5 LTE terminal is designed for:

✔ Monitoring the condition of the vehicle
✔ Monitoring its location and movements
✔ Monitoring mileage and fuel consumption
✔ Motor hour counting
✔ Driving style detection (EcoDriving)
✔ Accident event detection
✔ RFID tag readers
✔ Temperature monitoring

More options for working with the CAN bus

MONTRANS M-5 LTE is capable of simultaneously receiving data from two CAN-buses. The terminal can decode more than 13,000 parameters from the CAN bus using the J1939 protocol, which saves time when searching for the necessary information about the vehicle's condition. It also supports the standard FMS and J1979 protocols.

Built-in monitoring technologies

Archive size
up to 170,000 points
Remote configuration
GSM jamming detection
Parallel data transfer to two servers
Notifications to the driver
Modbus support
Voice communication
Eco Driving
CAN Scanner

Terminal interfaces

Analog sampled and pulse-frequency inputs
Transistor outputs
Digital inputs RS 485
1-Wire digital inputs
CAN inputs
RS 232


Maximum voltage
30 V
Maximum current
200 mA
Output type


J1939, FMS, J1979, OBD-II
29 and 11 bit

Power supply

Li-Ion rechargeable battery
600 mAh
Operating supply voltage
9-39 V, Polarity protection
Average power consumption
0,54 W
Protection against polarity reversal and impulse surges
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