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Control and monitoring of agricultural machinery

The headache of the owners of agricultural enterprises is fuel drains, misuse of equipment and unfair fulfillment of tasks. GPS/GLONASS monitoring for agricultural machinery allows you to minimize transportation costs, increase productivity, and eliminate the facts of theft of fuel and lubricants.

More than 30 parameters of machinery operation are taken under control. As a result of implementation of satellite monitoring, the economic effect on an agricultural enterprise can reach up to 30%.
- Tractors: "DT", "Kirovets", "MTZ", "YaMZ", "Keys", "Fendt", CLAAS, New Holland, Challenger and others
- Combines: "Niva", "Case", "Rostselmash", "Don", New Holland, ACROS, JOHN DEERE.
- Other special equipment.

All types of agricultural machinery are equipped with a monitoring system:

agricultural machinery monitoring
The MONTRANS satellite monitoring system in the agricultural industry allows tracking the movement of tractors and combines in real time, making a history of their routes, stops, work under load and saving the obtained reports in a cloud service. Telematics monitors the most important parameters that can be used to evaluate the efficiency of each machine:
- speed of movement;
- movement trajectory;
- fuel consumption;
- time and place of parking;
- mileage;
- total operating time.
Additional sensors that monitor working mechanisms such as: plow, seeder, mower, irrigator and others. Telematic data is delivered online to the dispatcher or company manager. The summaries include information on the location of the equipment, a report on fuel movement, data on the operation of attached and trailed mechanisms. Thanks to this analytics it is possible to determine the efficiency of each unit of equipment and calculate the necessary amount of fuel and lubricants for certain types of work.

The reports provide data on the processing of a particular field, the time of work, the percentage of task completion and real fuel consumption not only per kilometer, but also per hectare, which is more important for agricultural machinery. In addition, telematics makes it possible to exclude theft of excessive fuel and lubricants due to non-compliance with technological work schedules or due to excessive fuel consumption rates.

The GPS/GLONASS monitoring system can be connected:

Control of DPS
GPS/GLONASS terminal
Control of operating mechanisms
Digital fuel level sensor
Fuel volume indicator
Hour monitoring sensor with acoustic sensor
Video surveillance

Effect of MONTRANS monitoring system implementation:

Monitoring of agricultural machinery can play a key role in calculating the efficiency of a company. With a GPS/GLONASS system, electronic maps of the fields can be created. The dispatching program allows you to control the work of machinery on a particular field. For example, having set the exact dimensions of the MTZ tractor plow, it is possible to see in a report or on a map what part of the area has been processed and what part has not yet been processed. In other words, the manager can assess the quality of work performed and more accurately calculate the wages of mechanization drivers.
1. elimination of fuel theft, reduction of fuel costs up to 30%.
2. Remote detection of malfunctions, prevention of breakdowns, planning of maintenance according to the actual state of the equipment. Reduction of maintenance costs up to 20%.
3. Reduction of downtime, elimination of improper use of machines, strengthening of labor discipline. Increasing the efficiency of machinery up to 40%.
4. Compliance with deadlines for agricultural work.
5. More efficient distribution of drivers and machinery by shifts and work locations.
6. Possibility to staff the fleet of agricultural machinery in the most rational way.
7. Integration of monitoring data with "1C".
8. Payback period of telematic monitoring system from 2 to 3 months.
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