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For temperature, humidity and magnetic field measurements with data transmission via Bluetooth Low Energy interface.
The standalone temperature sensor is used for remote monitoring of objects in IoT and M2M platforms. Due to its ability to capture a range of different parameters, the sensor can be used in applications such as:
Agriculture (climate control in greenhouses, vegetable storage)
Logistics (control of product storage conditions)
Transportation (control of refrigerated transportation)
If communication with the receiving device is lost, the sensor continues to accumulate information in its memory. The stored data can be uploaded from the "black box" to a mobile device within a month.

The temperature and humidity sensor allows you to get accurate information about the actual situation at the objects in online mode and for separate time intervals. The readings are controlled in monitoring systems and IoT-platforms, in which interaction with the sensor is configured. Flexible integration capabilities of the products allow for communication with virtually any remote monitoring system.
The BLE temperature sensor is a compact device with a self-contained, maintenance-free lithium battery. No wiring is required when installing the sensor. It is sufficient to fix it on a flat surface.

Readings of microclimate and weather conditions, which the sensor records, are transmitted wirelessly to the BLE-BASE signal receiver, to a tracker with BLE interface support or to a mobile device via Bluetooth. The maximum signal range in the open space is 200 meters.

Bluetooth temperature and humidity control technology

temperature sensor

Main advantages of the wireless sensor

  • Wide range of monitored parameters
  • Long autonomous operation from one battery up to 3 years
  • Bluetooth LE technology wireless data transmission with low power consumption
  • Black box function
  • Easy installation and configuration via mobile app
  • No costs typical of wired devices:
    - no risk of failure due to broken or shorted wires
    - The sensor can be easily removed and installed elsewhere
    - minimal installation and maintenance costs

Compatible with all MONTRANS GPS/GLONASS terminals

The sensor works with all MONTRANS satellite terminals and can also be easily used with popular GLONASS/GPS trackers such as Teltonika, Navtelecom, Neomatika, Omnicomm, Galileosky, GlonassSoft, Fort Telecom and Glomos, thanks to its compatibility with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) data transmission technology.
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