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Bluetooth трекер
Автономный GPS ГЛОНАСС трекер

Robust design

Bluetooth connection

Motion alerts

Long-life battery

Notifications of removal from the object

IP67 waterproof housing

Robust design for use in all environments
Compatible with temperature and humidity sensor, door sensor and your own sensors.
Alerts on location, movement and parking of the object
Rechargeable battery with a capacity of 4800 mAh/, which lasts for several months without recharging from the solar panel.
Automatic notification when the terminal is removed from the object
Rugged housing that can withstand up to 5 meters underwater

Standalone solar powered GPS/GLONASS tracker

The distinctive features of this terminal are autonomous operation thanks to a large battery capacity, the presence of a solar panel and the ability to connect to it additional sensors via Bluetooth 5.0 to get more information about the operation of the vehicle.

Tracker Characteristics

- Real-time location tracking with the ability to buffer data in the absence of GSM connectivity. Updating occurs every 3 seconds, and without network coverage, up to 60,000 location points are stored in the clipboard;

- alerts on the movement and stops of vehicles;

- utilization of solar energy thanks to a special panel to extend battery life;

- thick and robust housing for outdoor use in bad weather conditions;

- rechargeable lithium-polymer battery 4800 mAh / 3.7 V, allowing the tracker to work for months without solar charging;

- Bluetooth 5.0 for connection of any additional sensors supporting wireless connection - temperature in the refrigerator, door closing/opening sensor, motor hour sensor, tilt angle sensor and many others;

- alerts sent to the "Montrans Online" transportation monitoring system in case of an attempt to disconnect the device or its forced deactivation;

- easy installation: the tracker can be fixed with magnets, screws, polyurethane or heavy-duty tape;

- IP67 waterproof housing of the tracker, tested at a depth of 5 meters for 15 hours.
The main task of the autonomous tracker is to track the location of the vehicle either in real time or with the ability to record data at a specified interval to the clipboard in the absence of GSM communication and transfer them to the vehicle monitoring system.

Thanks to solar batteries the terminal is able to work in fully autonomous mode up to 29 hours (transmitting data online every 3 seconds) and up to two months (transmitting data several times a day).

Thanks to the wireless possibility of connecting additional sensors, it is possible to receive detailed information on door status (open/closed), changes in external conditions (humidity, light, temperature) and much more.
gps глонасс трекер для контейнера
The solar-powered terminal is ideal for trucking companies whose equipment is moved over long distances. Montrans sells and installs this equipment on any type of transportation with subsequent service support and warranty maintenance.
глонасс для контейнера
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