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Fuel level sensor

From small tank, to large tanks.
up to 40% fuel savings
Fuel consumption monitoring

- Gasoline level sensor

- Digital diesel fuel level sensor

Less than 1% error
Fuel level sensor (GLONASS fuel sensor, GLONASS line, FMS) is a measuring device that shows the volume, level and consumption of fuel in the tank. The device is a part of GPS/GLONASS monitoring system, being an excellent solution for carriers and other companies working with cargo transportation

Buy fuel level sensor GLONASS\GPS in Moscow and other cities

Fuel level sensor (FLS) MONTRANS

The digital fuel level sensor is a high-tech product of MONTRANS.
The digital fuel level sensor is used in monitoring systems and is an indispensable tool for controlling fuel consumption. The sensor is designed to determine the level of liquid fuel (gasoline, diesel or other conductive liquid) in fuel tanks and in stationary tanks.

GLONASS fuel sensor allows you to get reliable information about the current amount of fuel and consumption, to identify the facts of theft of fuel from the tank. The fuel control sensor is used in conjunction with equipment that supports data exchange and processing of analog and digital signals. Fuel consumption control sensor additionally measures the ambient temperature, as well as monitoring the performance of internal circuits of the electronic circuitry for self-diagnostics, is a part of FCMS.
Glonass fuel level sensor
The error of the obtained results does not exceed 1%
Operates from the vehicle's on-board power supply with a nominal voltage of 12 or 24 V
Installed in fuel tanks of all types of machinery
Suitable for tanks with depths from 100 mm to 6 meters
Works with various grades of gasoline, with summer (winter) diesel fuel, as well as with other liquid petroleum products
Rugged, vandal-resistant housing, power consumption less than 0.4 watts

Advantages of the fuel monitoring sensor

GLONASS fuel sensor
Affordable price
A fuel level sensor (FLS) is a device used to measure the fuel level in the vehicle tank.
A fuel level sensor in a GLONASS/GPS-based transportation monitoring system is used to determine the amount of fuel in the vehicle tank. It is connected to the monitoring system and transmits information about the amount of fuel in real time.


BLE - ( Bluetooth Low Energy) also known as Bluetooth Smart, which is a wireless technology for communication between devices.
There is also a wireless fuel level sensor MONTRANS BLE with autonomous power supply. It uses BLE wireless technology to communicate with external GPS/GLONASS terminals.
ble fuel gauge

The fuel consumption monitoring sensor can be installed on various types of machinery

Buy fuel consumption control sensor in Moscow and other cities for dump truck, special equipment, diesel power plants and locomotives.
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