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GPS/GLONASS WIFI satellite terminal

Supports Hub-to-Hub function

Data collection and transmission via Wi-Fi

This terminal is ideal for companies whose monitoring objects are located outside the GSM cellular coverage area, for example, in oil and gas, mining, logging, exploration and other industries. The special housing of the device is designed to work in difficult weather conditions at temperatures from - 40 to + 85 degrees Celsius. Montrans M-5 Wi-Fi transmits the accumulated information from other controllers not only to the monitoring system, but also to another node. This chain of transmission is endless, which allows you to create an extensive information network.
Montrans M-5 Wi-Fi controller automatically accumulates information from all adjacent terminals, and returning to the GSM cellular coverage area transmits data to the vehicle monitoring system. The change of modes of collecting and sending information is automatic with the help of polygonal geo-fences and GSM or Wi-Fi signal level at a specified time interval. To ensure data safety in case of 2G/3G/LTE/Wi-Fi network failure, the terminal has internal non-volatile flash memory, as well as the ability to customize data storage on microSD card.

Satellite terminal
Montrans M-5 Wi-Fi (LTE)

The distinctive feature of the Montrans M-5 Wi-Fi controller is offline operation with the ability to transmit information via Wi-Fi and create an access point to receive data from other terminals to send to the server, to the transport monitoring system. It is designed to work on hard-to-reach objects, in places with poor cellular communication, or with a complete lack of GSM coverage. This allows to reduce the cost of specialized equipment, in particular, expensive satellite communication.

Модификации спутниковых терминалов M-5

Montrans M-5 WiFi Satellite Terminal
GPS/GLONASS terminal Montrans M-5 WiFi (LTE)
The terminal with Wi-Fi module is designed for monitoring equipment at remote sites. It automatically collects stored data from all terminals via Wi-Fi. Upon return to the base or GSM zone, it automatically sends data to the monitoring server.

You can set up automatic switching between the modes of data collection and sending by polygonal geo-fences, GSM level, by time, or in any other way.

GPS/GLONASS terminal is perfect for working at remote sites and in places with poor GSM coverage.
GPS/Glonass without GSM
WiFi Glonass
A terminal is mounted on the vehicle and periodically moved to a GSM coverage area or Wi-Fi access point to transmit data to the server

Control of vehicle operation and fuel movement
in locations where there is no GSM communication

Vehicles are in the area of GSM signal absence
GPS/GLONASS transportation monitoring

Innovative features of Montrans M-5 Wi-Fi

Result of implementation of the Wi-Fi monitoring system

Example of using the Wi-Fi terminal in places without GSM network coverage

Montrans M-5 Wi-Fi can work in parallel with two CAN-buses, transmit data from sensors not only by supporting RS 485, RS 232, 1-Wire protocols, but also via Bluetooth 5.0 interface.

Thanks to the installed CAN Scanner solution and the transmission of parameters from the CAN bus to the server, it is possible to create a point-by-point analysis of the performance of transport units, keep all parameters under control and even remotely control vehicle components in real time 24/7.
- Controlling the operation and improving the efficiency of machinery operation;
- control of fuel consumption and prevention of theft;
- occasional lack of communication does not affect the completeness of the picture;
- possibility of simultaneous data reception from 10 terminals;
- possibility to upload data for a specific date range;
- optimization of enterprise costs;
- increasing the discipline of work of the company's employees.
At a remote site, without cellular communication, the company equipped its equipment with Montrans M-5 Wi-Fi terminals and fuel level sensors. A Wi-Fi router was installed at the base where communication was available. Approaching the base twice a day (morning and evening), the vehicles transmitted data to the server and to the monitoring system "Montrans Online". Thus, despite the lack of GSM communication directly during the operation of the equipment, all information still got to the dispatcher of the enterprise, who could analyze it and make the necessary adjustments in the work process.

Built-in monitoring technologies

Archive size
up to 170,000 points
Remote configuration
GSM jamming detection
Parallel data transfer to two servers
Notifications to the driver
Modbus support
Voice communication
Eco Driving
CAN Scanner

Terminal interfaces

Analog sampled and pulse-frequency inputs
6 шт
Transistor outputs
4 шт
Digital inputs RS 485
1 шт
1-Wire digital inputs
1 шт
CAN inputs
2 шт
RS 232
1 шт


Maximum voltage
30 V
Maximum current
200 milliamps
Output type


J1939, FMS, J1979, OBD-II
29 and 11 bit

Power supply

Li-Ion rechargeable battery
600 mAh
Operating supply voltage
9-39 V, Polarity protection
Average power consumption
0,54 W
Protection against polarity reversal and impulse surges
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