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Ignition interlock device

Breathalyzers are a solution for driver sobriety monitoring. Breathalyzers are breathalyzers that integrate into the vehicle's ignition system and block the engine from starting if alcohol is detected in the driver's breath. Breathalyzers can help protect personnel, passengers and cargo from the risk of alcohol-impaired accidents.

Buy a breathalyzer lock in the car to control the sobriety of drivers

  • direct material damage
  • costs of liquidation of the consequences of the accident
  • possible refusal to pay out under KASKO
  • increase in the cost of insurance of vehicles and special equipment
  • costs of compensation for damage to third parties
  • reputational risks
  • decrease in reporting indicators and investment attractiveness
In many countries around the world, in addition to strict legislation that is uncompromising towards drunk driving, the most effective means of counteracting drunk driving is an ingnition interlock device.
The practice of using breathalyzers on public and commercial transportation is also widespread, when authorities or companies want to protect citizens and property from unscrupulous offending drivers. Breathalyzers are also installed on expensive construction and special equipment.

Breathalyzer reduces companies' risks associated with drunk driving

The breathalyzer is based on a high-precision electrochemical sensor that detects the concentration of alcohol in the driver's breath and, as a result of the test, shows on the display whether the permissible concentration has been exceeded. This parameter can be customized depending on the requirements of state law and the particular business. So, here is how the car breathalyzer works:

How the ignition interlock device works on a car

Alcolock operation diagram
Alcolock price

If alcohol is detected in the breath, the ignition will be blocked


4 simple steps to a safe trip

Step 1
When the ignition is switched on, the breathalyzer asks the driver to take a test
Step 2
The driver takes a test
Step 3
The device analyzes exhaled air
Step 4
If no alcohol is detected, you can start the vehicle
According to the Russian traffic police in 2020:

more than 167,000 people were deprived of their driver's license for driving while intoxicated (Article 12.8 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation)
Almost 14,500 accidents out of 145,073 involved drivers who were intoxicated at the time of the accident. Of these:
- 11,897 with passenger cars
- 410 with trucks
- 45 with public transportation
- 84 with tractors and other self-propelled machinery.
19,044 people were injured in such accidents and 4,064 were killed.
The in-car breathalyzer (breathalyzer lock) complements pre-shift or pre-trip monitoring by allowing driver sobriety testing while traveling. The device can be configured to request a retest at regular intervals or randomly. This way, you can be sure that the driver is not consuming alcohol throughout the shift. This sobriety monitoring solution is an important element of safety on the road, whether it is a car, truck, special vehicles, passenger transport or carsharing.

Relevance of the problem in Russia

Breathalyzer application: tasks and modes of transportation

Alko lock on transportation
Breathalyzer lock on the car
Cabs and carsharing
Public transport
Passenger transport
Specialized equipment
Railway transport