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GPS/GLONASS transportation monitoring system for special-purpose machinery

Satellite control of special equipment is a monitoring and control system that allows you to track the location, speed and other parameters of specialized equipment using GPS / GLONASS.

Special-purpose machinery is often operated in the absence of road surface, in conditions of dusty or swampy soil, and undergoes increased vibration and stress. In addition, special equipment is used in a wide range of climatic conditions, including extremely low temperatures.

The working time of such equipment is often planned down to the minute, and stopping the machine because it has run out of fuel results in loss of time and, consequently, money. To ensure that the driver can always control the level and consumption of fuel, we recommend the installation of a comprehensive solution Montrans, including a reliable and secure on-board terminal Montrans M-3, fuel level sensors, as well as other auxiliary sensors (sensor of motor hours, work of mechanisms, etc.) Control of the equipment is an important tool in optimizing the fleet.

Control of equipment operation

Satellite equipment monitoring systems can be installed on various types of vehicles

  • Bulldozers, excavators and loaders (Caterpillar, Changlin, Dongfeng, Doosan, Faw, Foton, Hitachi, Howo, Hyundai, Komatsu, Sany, Shacman, Shaanxi, Shantui and many others);
  • Truck cranes (KAMAZ, MAZ, Ural, Chelyabinets, Ivanovets, GAKZ and many others);
  • Road-building machinery (Xiagong, Sany, XCMG, SHANDONG, Shantui, Heli, Liugong and Zoomlion);
  • Quarry machinery (CASE, SDLG, Dingsheng Tiangong, Liugong, CAMC, BELAZ, Komatsu, Caterpillar, Volvo, Hitachi);
  • Diesel power plants (Ultra France, Endress, Eisemann, GEKO, Vepr, KUBOTA, GESAN, KIPOR, ELEMAX);
GLONASS/GPS control and monitoring systems solve the following tasks:

You can monitor the location of equipment in real time from any device with access to the Internet.
Thanks to the installation of fuel level sensors you will know exactly how much fuel was spent, what was the average consumption, volume, time, place of drains and refueling.

Installing a mechanism operation sensor will allow you to know how much each unit of the fleet is actually working.

Special equipment monitoring system will allow you to control the actual attendance of contractors. Often, even with a tight working schedule, drivers manage to find time for 2-hour lunches at home, sleep, solve personal tasks and problems. All this leads to dissatisfaction on the part of contractors, fines, penalties and even the breakdown of contractual relations - deadlines are not met, and competitors are not slumbering. Installation of GLONASS/GPS-terminals will allow you to maximize the efficiency of the equipment and work it out 100%

Online control of special vehicles
Satellite control and monitoring can also be used to track fuel and resource consumption of equipment, control task fulfillment and improve safety in operation. This system can be particularly useful for companies involved in construction, mining, agriculture and other activities involving the use of special equipment.
• Reduction of fuel purchase costs by up to 40%;
• reduction of mileage up to 30%;
• reduction of misuse of machinery up to 100%;
• elimination of equipment downtime;
• increase in labor discipline of the driving staff;
• increased transportation safety.
• control of driver's condition
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Results of implementation of Montrans transport monitoring system for special vehicles: