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An original solution developed by IT specialists and analysts of MONTRANS, which helps the head of the fleet to fully control the operation of the enterprise.
The service simplifies the tasks of financial and technical administration by combining all data within a single management standard.
As a result, this allows you to control costs and helps solve problems related to the company's expenses and efficiency.

All data on telemetry, vehicle fleet, drivers, waybills, fuel, repairs and maintenance are integrated into a single accounting system, which allows you to get complete information on vehicles, eliminating possible errors and the human factor.
montrans online
✔ Creating a single standard fleet management
✔ Creating a unified centralized reporting system
✔ Cost optimization of the enterprise
✔ Increase your company's productivity
✔ Improving the safety of transport operation
Монтранс онлайн
Монтранс онлайн
Мониторинг транспорта
MONTRANS Online purposes:
Обработка данных глонасс
MONTRANS Online is a platform that differs from the generally accepted concept of "transport monitoring".
M2M solution provider
Auto service
Spare parts supplier
Insurance company
Medical institutions
Gas station
Motor transport enterprise
The service is used by the head of the enterprise to view the main indicators of the company's vehicle availability rate, the fleet utilization rate, production in rubles. In addition, the service is used by line managers: head of the repair shop, head of the fuel department, head of the planning department, as well as line employees: dispatcher, logistician, mechanic, etc..
In this solution, the application process is developed and described in detail: from the planning of the production program to the register of completed works, including the processes of setting tasks, forming travel lists, monitoring the task execution, closing the travel list and integrating data into the accounting system.
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