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Control and monitoring of light vehicles

Satellite monitoring system for passenger vehicles is designed for digital control of the vehicle and to increase the efficiency of its use. Installation of GPS/GLONASS trackers allows you to track the movement of passenger cars in real time, transmit to the customer information about the technical condition of the vehicle, refueling, consumption and fuel discharge, control the quality and safety of driving.
Установка ГЛОНАСС мониторинга транспорта
The advantages of the control system of passenger vehicles are in the prevention of misuse of vehicles, fuel drainage, improving work discipline among drivers, optimizing traffic routes, flexible reporting on various parameters, as well as security functions of the system.

A complete monitoring solution for the car

  • car rental
  • private transportation
  • cab service
  • courier service
  • sales representatives

A satellite transportation monitoring kit is great for:

GPS/GLONASS equipment for vehicle monitoring

The cost of installing a car monitoring system depends on the selected monitoring parameters. You can make an individual calculation or consider ready-made solutions.

Cost of installing monitoring on cars

The M-1 terminal is an on-board terminal designed for collecting and transmitting information on vehicle status. The MONTRANS M-1 terminal has optimal functionality
A budget solution for monitoring any vehicle.

Standalone GPS/GLONASS tracker

Autonomous satellite device, for locating the vehicle.