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Passenger transportation monitoring

The vehicle monitoring system in the field of passenger transportation solves two important issues:
1. Improving the safety of public transportation.
2. Improving the economic efficiency of fleet operation.
Satellite control and monitoring can be installed on any type of vehicles: buses, shuttle buses, special vehicles, water and air transport. The GPS/GLONASS system allows online simultaneous control of transportation, drivers and passengers. Telematics in transport helps to optimize the work of the fleet by fixing and preventing traffic violations, eliminating cases of fuel theft, rational planning of routes, improving the quality of transportation and analyzing the efficiency of the passenger company.
GLONASS can be used to track the movement of a bus. For this purpose, the bus must be equipped with a special receiver that receives and transmits data from the GLONASS system. Using this receiver, the location, speed and direction of the bus, as well as other information can be tracked. Thus, Glonass can help bus company owners to track the movement of their buses and improve the safety of passenger transportation.

Satellite control of passenger transportation includes a complex of various sensors and devices, each of which performs certain tasks:

- GPS/GLONASS tracker is a device for monitoring the location of vehicles. It indicates the coordinates on the map, where the vehicle is and the trajectory of its movement. The tracker can be used to create a single map for the entire passenger fleet.
- Fuel level and consumption sensors (FLS) - for online (24/7) control of fuel and lubricants.
- CAN-bus - a device for remote control of most technical parameters of the vehicle: mileage, idling, engine hours, fuel consumption, etc.
- MONTRANS DVR - an intelligent driver assistance system, which also allows remote monitoring of the driver's actions and condition.
Glonass for buses
Intelligent driver assistance system
Passenger flow counting sensor
Digital fuel level sensor
Video surveillance in the bus cabin
- Video recorder and video camera - to record events both on the road and inside the cabin.
- Passenger counting sensors - to determine how many people have been transported over a set period of time and whether passengers are in the cabin at a particular time.
GPS/GLONASS terminal
Speed limiting device (SLD)
Satellite bus monitoring is a system that uses satellite technology to track the movement of buses and transmit this data in real time to a central server. This system allows operators to monitor bus location, speed and other information that can be useful for managing the bus fleet and improving the quality of service for passengers.
Satellite bus monitoring is a system that uses satellite technology to track the location of buses in real time.
Passenger transportation monitoring
- the monitoring system for buses and other passenger vehicles controls the fuel level in the tank of each vehicle, which eliminates fuel and lubricant drains.
- monitoring of public transportation allows to form optimal routes of movement and in case of deviation, the dispatcher is instantly notified of the violation.
- The dispatcher tracks the location of vehicles and can promptly manage traffic flows
- driver and dispatcher can exchange information online, which increases the efficiency of transportation
- Driver discipline is improved and a safe driving style is developed
- The number of traffic violations and accidents is reduced
- idling and misuse of buses is reduced
- fleet maintenance costs are reduced
- transportation schedules are observed on the routes
- visual control of fare payment by passengers is maintained

Economic effect of passenger transportation monitoring system:

After implementation of the passenger transport monitoring system at passenger transport enterprises, the economic effect of the fleet can reach 30%

In the line of "MONTRANS" - the best samples of equipment for GLONASS/GPS monitoring and control of passenger vehicles.

GLONASS/GPS terminals (trackers)

Install GLONASS M-1
A simple and inexpensive solution with all the necessary functionality for quality transportation monitoring.
Install GLONASS M-3
The terminal has maximum functionality and this device can solve most tasks in the field of transportation monitoring.
The latest development in the field of transportation monitoring, endowed with maximum functionality and technical characteristics.

Transportation monitoring kits by equipment issue

Extensive implementation experience has shown that most companies of the same profile use the same equipment to solve their tasks. These Clients have the same problems and, accordingly, the same solutions. Having analyzed, we have selected the most frequently requested by our clients categories of transport and prepared ready-made monitoring kits for your easy choice.