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MONTRANS. Analytics is a cloud service for automation and digitization of the basic processes in fleet management. For managers MONTRANS. Analytics serves as a watchful assistant, making control of the entire business manageable.

Implementation of this solution is an effective step towards reducing costs on traffic logistics, business process optimisation, accounting, and labour expenses.


Fleet analytics makes financial and technical administration simple, combining all the data within universal managing standards.

One of its goals is to control expenses and deal with issues, concerning actual costs and business efficiency.

Analytics of any metrics on fleet efficiency


Use of vehicles

Productive capabilities

Working hours

Amount of repairs

Equipment health

Integrated interaction with any ERP and production accounting modules of the enterprise, for integrating all transport parameters from several systems into a single fleet management solution.

Universal aggregated analytics in one single fleet management system

Interacts with ERP-Systems
интеграция с erp
MONTRANS. Analytics solution was developed on the basis of the best experience.

All data on telemetry, fleet, driver activity, waybills, fuel is recorded into one accounting system. Thus, users get thorough insights into the situation to the exclusion of all errors and the human factor.

Analytical graphs for any metrics

Use of vehicles

Excessive fuel consumption

Maintenance servicing and repair

Working hours

Driver rating

Waybill errors

Productive capabilities

Examples of analytics reports

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